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POSEI Clean™ Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The most AMAZING fishing reel OPTIMIZATION formulas on the PLANET

What it is

Poseidon was the mighty Greek god of the sea that the Spartans worshiped. 

Modifying and applying our game changing proprietary chemical technologies for the fishing market, we have created a three formula "SYSTEM" with "Poseidon-like Power" for fishing reels. 

This TRIDENT of amazing chemistry will not only help to protect and extend the life of your reels, but it will MAXIMIZE the PERFORMANCE and the ENJOYMENT you get from them. 

Keep the oil and grease off of hard plastic, such as push-button releases, it will soften certain hard plastics.

Posei-Clean™ - “Premier reel & gear cleaner”

This is your “SURFACE PREP” formula that removes the contaminants that cause wear and damage to the moving parts of your reels. 

Posei-Clean™ is a phenomenal, penetrating cleaner that deep-cleans away unwanted dirt, old gritty grease, and crusty mineral build-up that negatively impacts the performance and lifespan of your, often expensive, assets. 

It is also GREAT for cleaning the exterior of your reels, tackle boxes, and other gear.

(Available in 2oz - larger sizes coming soon)

What it does

POSEI Clean™ Advantages:

  • This is your surface prep for fishing reels
  • Designed to remove dirt, oils, and light grease
  • Removes salts, chlorides, and minerals
  • Removes natural & synthetic compounds
  • Penetrates deep into the bearings and gears… to clean out micro pores and gaps
  • Water-based solvent - safe on all metals, most plastics, rubber…
  • Earth & people friendly – a GREEN formula
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Why you should have POSEI Clean™

Question: WHY clean and lube your fishing reels, especially with POSEI products?

Answer: Debris free reels that operate with extremely low friction function at a higher level, last longer and help you to land more fish – and NOTHING on the MARKET does it better than Spartan’s POSEI trio!

Your fishing reel is a “tool” - our "system" OPTIMIZES that "tool". 

The ENEMIES that diminish the “tool’s” ability to perform at a maximum level are CONTAMINANTS (dirt, sand, salts…) and FRICTION. 

The unique chemistry available to you is phenomenal. 

Posei-Clean™ penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate to remove contaminants, leaving NO residue, and opening up the surface to absorb the Posei-Slick™ and Posei-Reel Grease™. 

The Posei-Slick™ penetrates and changes the surface structure of the parts being lubricated. 

It makes them harder and smoother, which reduces friction up to 85-90% (a magnitude better than other products). 

For even more long-lasting protection, we advise using lubricate the ball bearings, gear-drag mechanism, steel spindle for the line spool and the crank assembly… with Posei-Reel-Grease.


Dear Marcus,

I must tell you that I’m very happy we first met as I was developing our new W&M Victory Pro Carbon casting reels! As I have told you, our goal was to develop one of the lightest, fastest, and smoothest functioning casting reels in the industry!

Our new reel features an all carbon body frame that brings the reel in at just 5.6 ounces! It also features a graphite handle and comfortable EVA handle paddles, 10 ultra-smooth ball bearings, carbon disc drag and more. To build such a high end reel for professional fisherman required us to find the finest cleaner and lubricant possible and that is exactly what I believe we have found in Posei Clean and Posei Slick! I’ve tested and used almost every possible lubricant available and I’m confident that there is simply no better product on the market today!

As good as our reels are, they simply perform even better when lubricated with Posie Slick! They are super quiet; casting distances are dramatically increased, and I love that they perform better in cold weather situations. I’ve also heard from our pro staff that the performance of Posie Slick is improvement function and product life in saltwater environments.

Thank you so much for introducing us to your cleaners and lubricants as I’m confident that consumers and fishing pros are going to have an even better experience because of these products!

Al Noraker - Vice President - Product Management - Wright & McGill Co. - Denver, Co.

This oil is great for ice fishing reels. Although we have not had the -20 to -30 degree temps this year, I experimented with it on one of my ice reels and my verdict is in. I used two identical reels purchased at the same time with the same amount of wear and tear to make a comparison. I had 5 friends try the two reels out to see which one operated more smoothly (not knowing which one was oiled with the Posei oil). 4 out of 5 claimed the Posei oil was the smoothest. The four who chose the Posei oil were the most experienced ice anglers. They stated that the difference was profound. The one rather novice angler reported no noticeable difference. The coldest temperature we fished in so far this year was only in the single digits, but even at these balmy temperatures the Posie oil was the hands down winner compared to my current oil. I have been ice fishing for 45 years and have tried most everything. For the rest of the year and next season my reels will be running with the Posie oil.

Mike – Michigan


Disassemble the reel according to the instructions in your owner's manual or carefully take apart the reel and lay the parts out in a logical order as you remove them, so that you can put it back together properly. Most reels will come apart by removing the crank handle and reel cover (by turning counterclockwise).

Once you have the reel taken apart, it is time to clean each part with POSEI-Clean™. Now for your surface prep. You can spray down each part, allow the formula to dwell for 1-3 minutes, letting the product do most of the contaminant removal work. You can then agitate with a small brush (toothbrushes work great) and wipe down with a paper towel or rag. Repeat as is necessary to achieve a clean surface. Rinse each part in water and then dry.

Apply Posei-Slick™ by spraying a small amount onto the ball bearings, gear-drag mechanism, steel spindle for the line spool and the crank assembly. Rub the lubricant over all the metal parts – a little will go a long way. Let sit for 15-30 minutes (longer is fine), wipe off excess oil, and reassemble the reel. If you are using Posei-Reel Grease™, and we recommend you do, apply the grease sparingly to appropriate parts before fully assembling. Keep the oil and grease off of hard plastic, such as push-button releases, it will soften certain hard plastics.

Once the reel is reassembled, make 3-5 long practice casts. As you reel in the line, the active molecules in Posei-Slick™ and Posei-Reel Grease™ are enhancing the surface structure, reducing friction, and setting up a protective barrier on the metal parts. You should be able to feel the difference, especially with a big fish on the line!!!

The molecules are very stable and long lasting, but do wear over time, so repeat the cleaning and lubrication process as you feel is necessary based on your fishing conditions. Future cleaning will be easier and faster due to the protective barrier now on the metal parts. OPTIMIZED reels are great in extreme Florida heat and Alaska extreme cold. Enjoy the added performance and protection gained from Spartan products!

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