TVT Machine Cutting Oil
TVT Machine Cutting Oil

TVT Machine Cutting Oil

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TVT GREEN Machine Cutting Oil™Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The WONDER Product for your machine shop - incomparable

What it is

The proprietary chemistry in TVT GREEN Machine Cutting Oil™ is a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in friction reduction technology.

ALL machine shops will jump on this once they know what it can for them.If you are involved with drilling, tapping, reaming, lathe work, sawing, cutting, screw machines…, any application that involves cutting oils, this formula is a MONEY SAVING, MONEY MAKING, TIME SAVING, TOOL SAVING, QUALITY ENHANCING GAME-CHANGER.

What it does

Our advanced formula restores, protects, and enhances the performance of cutting tools by changing the molecular surface structure on the metal cutting tools.

It makes the metal harder, smoother, and tighter, which results in a 90% reduction in friction (a magnitude of difference compared to ANY OTHER lubricant).

Typically, tool life increases 2-20X we have seen improvements as much at 33X.

This breakthrough provides superior cutting performance and improved surface finish quality. Its use will give you a great money saving ROI.

Using it reduces noise, downtime, and operator frustration.Operators like that it is safe to work, user and environmentally friendly (bio-degradable and/or inert), PLUS it is American made!


Our very stable “MAGIC molecules” infuse themselves like mini super-magnets into the microscopic porous gaps of metal, making the surface structure harder, smoother, and tighter – effectively turning it from sandpaper to glass.

Anywhere that there is unwanted metal to metal friction, our products will dramatically reduce that friction. 

The benefits of reducing friction by up to 90% include:

  • Flat-line metal wear
  • Extend Asset life
  • Reduce heat
  • Accelerate cutting speeds
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Provide a low stick surface
  • Save energy
  • Reduce waste
  • Save time
  • Produce a very lucrative ROI


Why you should have TVT GREEN Machine Cutting Oil™

There is nothing on the market like this formula that can provide the benefits listed above.

Some people are stuck in the past and not open to ideas and products that are “different” from what they are used to using – and that is not good business.

Smart businessmen and women, and smart operators are always looking for better, more efficient ways to accomplish their goals and increase profits.

This is one of those GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES.We recommend researching the product, watching the videos, investing in a bottle, and testing it out for yourself.

Call us if you have questions.

We can assure you that the laws of chemistry and physics do not change, and you will soon become a believer in TVT GREEN Machine Cutting Oil™.

Note – If you run CNC machines and like what TVT GREEN Machine Cutting Oli™ does, you will love TVT GREEN - CNC Ultra Coolant™.

This is a breakthrough formula for the CNC manufacturing world.Our formula is added to water at a 10-20% rate in the CNC machines based on the metal being cut.It will provide the same amazing benefits to your operation as our cutting oil does.

Watch the EYE-OPENING videos TELL the STORY

Pass N it On Outdoors – Jarrett Rifles machine shop

TVT GREEN Machine Cutting Oil VS Titanium

Real World TVT GREEN Machine Cutting Oil Saving the DAY


Impressive OEM Testing by Legend Armory

As a manufacturer of AR style guns, we make a lot of parts and one of those parts is the carrier. This test consisted of us turning some 8620-steel hardened to 62rc. This operation normally will wear out one (1) carbide insert per one (1) part being turned. When testing we placed one drop of TVT Green Machine Cutting Oil on the cutting face before we began the feed. The part came out beautiful! My biggest question was how did the cutting edge hold up? It was still sharp! We began to run more pieces in the same manner and evaluate the cutting edge at the end of each pass. To my astonishment that same edge lasted for thirty-three (33) pieces before we had to change it! That is huge in the cost savings, that oil, in one day saved me $136+ or reduced my cost by 89% for that one tool. This does not even take into account the hourly savings. That was one job, how much better if I place the oil in all my machines?


Jeremy Beasley - Owner

Frank - Senior Operations Mechanic

I have worked on aircrafts for 10 years and used other products like BoeLube, but nothing has ever kept a drill bit sharper longer than the TVT Machine Cutting Oil. I was using TVT Oil while drilling through a stack up of metal that was .100 thick aluminum with .090 thick steel behind the first layer. Using a cobalt #30 drill bit I was able to drill 20 holes before the drill bit was done. Now with the TVT Oil, I am able to drill around 50+ holes, with just a few drops on the end of the drill bit.

Also, when drilling through .5” Titanium, I was able to use one #10 Cobalt bit and one .248 Carbide Core drill bit for 48 holes and the bit was still good after. In the past we had to use anywhere from four to six of each different drill bit for the same result. It saved me time and saved my company money.

Stacy - Operations Mechanic 3

I have 8 holes that must be drilled using a tooling fixture and an automatic power fed drill motor. The holes get drilled through .250’’ of titanium and 6 inches of aircraft aluminum. The drill bit I use is a Guhring .375 Coolant fed bit that lets oil get pushed through the drill bit out to the cutting tip. It cost our company over $300. I can use the same bit on 32 holes before the hole quality is no longer acceptable. I mixed TVT machine oil with my normal coolant at about a 1 to 10 ratio. I was able to drill twice the normal amount with the same drill bit. This stuff really works!

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