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BLADE™Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

BLADE™ - the NEXT GENERATION of cutting tool oils

What it is

If you use cutting tools, BLADE™ is what you need to protect and maximize the performance of your cutting tools. 

It is the perfect product for - Hunters, Fishermen, LEO and Military men and women, People with Lawnmowers & Hedge Clippers, Farmers, Livestock Farmers, Landscapers, Tree Trimmers, Miners, Barbers and Beauticians… 

All these groups have important, often expensive, and valuable tools with blades that not only need to be protected - they need to be OPTIMIZED.

What it does

Nothing on the market cuts friction and protects metal like BLADE™.

Our SUPER-ADVANCED GREEN chemistry enhances & strengthens metal.BLADE™ creates an ultra-slick, low stick surface by effectively turning the exposed metal from microscopic “sandpaper” into “glass” and reducing friction up to 90% (that is a magnitude of difference).

This unique formula is long lasting and will OPTIMIZE the performance of your fixed knives, folding knives, axe heads, scissors, electric shearers, and other cutting tools.Invest in BLADE™ and literally “feel the difference.”

Why you should have BLADE™

It is important to protect your bladed investment assets AND get the maximum performance out of them.

There are many oils that are available on purchase.

Often there is little difference between and minimal benefits from these products – compared to BLADE™.

Our formula is significantly different and stands out from the crowd by providing the following UNIQUE benefits.You will LOVE the benefits.

  • Tangible, palpable, and visual results

  • Retains OPTIMAL sharpness longer
  • Low stick surface keeps blades debris free
  • Super smooth action on moving parts
  • Protects pivot, bearings… from wear
  • Protects from corrosion
  • Removes corrosion and the oxidizing molecules that cause it
  • Performs like a dry lube (immune to cold, sand…)
  • Long lasting - cannot wash/wipe off
  • Lowers friction heat on electric cutters
  • A safe GREEN formula
  • American made

Special Application USE to REMOVE CORROSION

If you have a metal object with rust and corrosion (mineral build-up) that is ruining the blade or joint, Blade™ has a great chance to remove it. 

The bonds of the active molecules in this formula are stronger than the oxidizers causing the corrosion and should displace them. 

Depending on how much there is to remove and the condition of the substrate, it may take a little time and effort, but the good news is that it should work. Surface prep by cleaning with Nothing Left™ or Posei Clean™ (our fishing reel cleaner). 

Rinse with water. 

Wipe dry. 

Apply a moderately generous amount of BLADE™ onto the rusted or corroded area. 

Rub with fingers or agitate with a brush. Allow to sit for one or more hours. 

Agitate with brush again. Wipe off with a paper towel or rag. 

Repeat if needed. 

Once the surface is clean, resharpened, if necessary, continue to use the formula on a regular basis to protect your cutting tool.

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