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Accuracy OilDifferent Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The most AMAZING gun lube on the PLANET

What it is:

Accuracy Oil- is simply the best firearm lubricant on the planet. 

The power of this product to reduce friction (90%), protect metal and create a low stick surface at such a high level, gives you the power to “OPTIMIZE” the performance of your guns like nothing else! Watching the video below pretty much explains what you need to know!

What it does

Accuracy Oil™ is the most powerful FRICTION REDUCTION technology ON THE PLANET. 

This is a surface strengthening, anti-wear, friction reducing molecular based advanced metal “conditioning” technology that provides a low stick surface, and also happens to be GREEN. 

Carbon Destroyer™ is ROBIN and Accuracy Oil™ is BATMAN!


  • Optimize ACCURACY
  • Optimize RELIABILITY
  • Optimize your TIME
  • Safe to use

Accuracy Oil™ ADVANTAGES

  • Improves accuracy and tightens shot groups about 90% of the time
  • Super smooth action
  • Dramatically improve reliability - virtually eliminates friction related malfunctions
  • Drops cleaning time by 50-75%
  • Reduces gumming of sand and dirt
  • Unaffected by temperature (Middle-East highs of 115°+ to Alaskan lows of -58°)
  • GREEN - environmentally and people friendly
  • No high VOC off gases – Great for confined spaces
  • Superior corrosion protection – will remove corrosion
  • Increased muzzle velocity & shooting consistency (tightens standard deviation and spread rate)
  • Lowers barrel temperatures (10% to 40% - seen on machine gun suppression fire)
  • Reduced maintenance costs (lower wear and tear on components)
  • Diminishes surface metal imperfections and extends barrel life (15% to 500%) 
  • Non-flammable – non-corrosive
  • No ethers, graphite, Teflon, zinc, fluoropolymers or molys
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

(Available in 2oz, 16oz, 1 gallon and larger sizes)

Why you should have Accuracy Oil™

Friction is the number one enemy inhibiting optimal shooting performance of firearms. 

What separates us from every other gun lubricant is “how” and “how much” we reduce friction. 

The traditional battle against friction has been waged using surface oils, which create a slippery wedge between two metal objects. 

At best, friction is minimally and temporarily reduced before high pressures and temperatures carbonize, remove, and nullify the lubricant. 

Introducing Accuracy Oil; like King Leonidas using a brilliant unique strategy against the Persian armies at Thermopylae, MSS is using a brilliant unique technology to defeat friction. 

After using Carbon Destroyer to deep clean contaminants out of the microscopic gaps and pores in metal, the active molecules in Accuracy Oil penetrate into those gaps and pores and bond "into/onto" the metal to change the surface structure. 

Picture trillions of microscopic self-leveling super-magnets forming a low stick shield onto ALL the metal parts of firearms. 

The surface becomes harder, smoother, and tighter and drops friction by about 85-90%. 

The benefits that we claim are not just marketing words, they are the end results of how our chemistry is affecting the physics of the metal. 

Optimizing the function and performance of guns is simply reality.

Whether during a hunt, at a competition or in the heat of battle, Accuracy Oil™ can make a critical world of difference to you - the shooter, and an even more critical difference to the target!

Accuracy Oil™(top firearm lube on the planet) DESTROYS Friction – Highlight Video

Accuracy Oil™ vs. Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil (full demo VIDEO)


Do You Know Why We Are Part of a World Record Shot?

This is because the people involved with making the SHOT know Accuracy Oil™ makes firearms more accurate!

The documented world record shot made by Charlie Melton on Saturday, September 30th with the help of Brad Stair using Brad's world class custom made 408 Tejas rifle with custom ammo (420 grain – velocity 3,065 ft/second) was over 5,000 yards.

The rifle was measured at .25 MOA after being conditioned with Spartan Accuracy Oil™.

The decrease in friction from the Spartan BLACK RAMBO Accuracy Oil™ allowed for a lower standard deviation between shots, less barrel wear and less heat buildup. 

These are surgical sniper rifles that need absolute minimal friction, no contaminants, and metal protection from heat and wear - all benefits that are uniquely provided by our advanced chemistry, and the primary reasons both Charlie and Brad use and endorse the products.

"Spartan Accuracy Oil lube is an amazing product. It will tighten your groups and extend the life of your barrel and firearm. I've been using it on my precision rifles, and it is amazing."

Charlie Melton (retired Seal Sniper/Instructor) - Charlie Mike Precision

“At first, I was skeptical of the major claims made by the company, but after learning about their technologies I wanted to try them. I am extremely glad I did. I use Accuracy Oil, Carbon Destroyer... on my firearms, in the manufacturing process, and their TVT engine formula in my custom-built high-performance vehicles. Accuracy, reliability, metal protection, fast clean-up... it is all 100% TRUE!"

Brad Stair – (custom rifle OEM) - Performance Guns

Rex Reviews - The Truth about Gun Oil & Solvents & Accuracy Oil™

Precision Rifle Network - Spartan Accuracy Oil™ - Get Better Groups -

Carbon Destroyer™Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The most advanced Carbon removal formula around, plus it is GREEN

What it is

Carbon attracts carbon, so you want to remove ALL of it. Carbon Destroyer™ is an aerospace certified, water-based penetrating solvent that cleans above and below the surface, deep into the microscopic gaps of the substrate. 

It is what is called a “micro-emulsion” (a proprietary blend of water & oil). It truly has “Carbon Blasting” power.

What it does

Carbon Destroyer™ is a formula that everyone that has used it loves. 

We hear all the time that “it is BY FAR the BEST FIREARM CLEANER ON THE MARKET.” 

It is so powerful that after it destroys the surface carbon, it penetrates and pulls out embedded carbon from what appears to be clean guns, plus it is fast acting and safe to use!

It is the Super-HERO with Carbon Busting POWER + it is GREEN (most GREEN formulas are over-priced and under-perform).

  • Super POWERFUL
  • Super-FAST acting
  • Super SAFE

 Why you should have Carbon Destroyer™

Carbon Destroyer™ has “shock & awe” power.

Shooters tell us all the time that this is the “best carbon cleaning formula they have ever seen and the perfect teammate to Accuracy Oil™ and our other formulas.

If it were safe to use, gasoline would be the best cleaner for carbon – Carbon Destroyer™ cleans “like gasoline but is safe to use.

Although it will even blast through contaminants such as Cosmoline like Spartacus going through a Roman legion, it is water-based (not a high VOC solvent), gentle, people and Earth safe, and it does not even have a bad smell.

This proprietary formula was originally designed to replace dangerous high VOC solvents to remove the heavy baked on carbon deposits from fighter jet engines and machine gun ports, such as on the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger and its cannons. 

It quickly and aggressively destroys the carbon while at the same time remaining safe for use on exotic metals.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars in research, testing and product development, this formula has been certified by all the large aerospace manufacturers. 

Using its micro-emulsion (water & oil molecularly joined) Carbon Blasting technology to penetrate into even the smallest microscopic “contaminant grabbing” pores and crevices, it will quickly and easily accomplish the mission of cleaning your firearms.

  • Designed to replace high VOC solvents used on fighter jets
  • Quickly dissolves heavy carbon deposits
  • Removes natural & synthetic oils and greases
  • Great for removing Cosmoline
  • Water-based and not corrosive
  • Works extremely fast in Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Safe on all metals
  • Environmentally and user friendly
  • Non-combustible
  • American made in ISO 9001 certified facilities

(Available in 2oz, 16oz, 1 gallon and larger sizes)

Carbon, grease & oil compounds that must be removed to open up the pores of the metal, which allows the active molecules of Accuracy Oil™ and Accuracy Grease to better bond into the metal. 

Carbon Destroyer™ works great with Copper/Lead Destroyer if copper and/or lead are a problem.


"Carbon Destroyer worked phenomenally well on hard, crusted carbon and fouling deposits I usually have to scrape off with a metal tool. I shot this AR10 for 6 months with Zero Cleaning as well as long periods of sitting in a safe, and all I needed was Carbon Destroyer and a blue terry cloth to get it back to clean and shining like new."

Josh Cast “Whitey” at Four Guys Guns is a believer!!!

The Carbon Destroyer is awesome. No nasty smell and it removes everything.Put a light coat on and give it a few minutes and it wipes right off. Carbon build-up is also noticeably less as well.

CJ Mercadante - A combat veteran US Army Ranger in several unit

When it comes to cleaning semi-automatic shotgun, I’ve concluded that nothing works better than Carbon Destroyer.This formula removed the carbon from the port holes like nothing I have used before.

Mr. Kent J. Butler – Trapper/Hunter – Utah

Hey Marcus, I just wanted to let you know I did in fact get some product in! I've gone through the cleaning process and let me just say WOW my gun was FUNKY… and I've cleaned it! The carbon destroyer and copper and lead destroyer found and eradicated more gunk than I dreamed it was possible of harboring given I had already cleaned it and hadn't fired it since I last cleaned it!

Raychel Shaw - East Texas Firearms Training – Shoot-Like-a-Girl

Well, got some range time in this weekend and dumped about 1000 rounds of 5.56, 9mm, 45LC and 22LR... Everything functioned flawlessly as expected. I will say, the cleaning time was DRASTICALLY reduced and had 4 Glocks, 5 ARs, one 45LC carbine and one 45LC revolver striped, cleaned, lubed and reassembled in under an hour by myself... That carbon destroyer is AMAZING!!! I would have given a kidney for this stuff when I was marine infantry.... lol... It also cleaned 2 conversion kits we ran and pulled off carbon that had been caked on for a year... without having to scrape it... I used a soft toothbrush, and it came right off...

Tim – 20 years military

Carbon Destroyer™ Dissolves carbon like MAGIC

DISAPPEARING CARBON trick with Carbon Destroyer™ - Hiperfire

Copper/Lead Destroyer™Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The “WEAPON OF CHOICE” for busting out Copper & Lead

What it is

Copper/Lead Destroyer™ is super advanced - proprietary GREEN cleaning and technology for ALL firearms needing to remove copper or lead contaminants.

What it does

This is an advanced, Nose-People-Earth-friendly, BMS (Barrel Metal Safe), multi-metal & multi-contaminant rapid dissolution technology.

Shooters love that it is powerful, effective, won’t etch your barrels and is safe to work with. It is a great compliment to Carbon Destroyer to super clean your firearms!

Why you should have Copper/Lead Destroyer™

  • Powerful
  • Effective
  • Safe

Copper/Lead Destroyer™ Advantages

  • Designed to remove copper & lead
  • Will dissolve and remove chlorides and salts
  • Safe on all metals, will not etch or pit barrels
  • Powerful & fast acting – works quickly
  • No VOCs - NOSE FRIENDLY – great for confined spaces
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST
Like Hercules successfully fighting two opponents at once, our advanced proprietary formula can wage war on two entrenched contaminants at the same time – COPPER & LEAD, plus punch out some of those corrosive chlorides brought about by exploding gun powder too.

This mild smelling product does not use ammonia or other VOC containing solvents but has the horse-power needed to dissolve the bonds of embedded contaminants and place them into a colloidal suspension – ready to be wiped away.

This formula may take longer to work, typically a 5-10 minute dwell time (up to 4 hours for really nasty build-up), so allotting and budgeting your time around this task to do other things is generally the best way to use it.

Again, the key is that even if you corked up your barrel and left it in for 10 years, it won’t harm the metal in your barrel.Spartan Copper/Lead Destroyer™ is a great ally of Carbon Destroyer™.

And if used with Accuracy Oil™, will DRAMATICALLY CUT both the rate of contaminant build-up and time required to clean the copper and lead from your guns.

(Available in 2oz, 16oz, 1 gallon and larger sizes)


As you can see in the before picture of this Remington 25-06, the barrel is loaded with copper. It was really thick and messing up our shooting. What you don’t see is that before the “before” picture was taken, we made multiple cleaning efforts using a leading copper removal product that failed miserably. We then switched over to the Spartan Copper/Lead Destroyer™ to see how it would do. After running several saturated patches, we let it sit for about 10 minutes and gave it a good scrubbing with a nylon brush. A few dry patches later and you can see the results. At one point I could even see flecks of copper on the patches as they came out of the muzzle. Copper/Lead Destroyer is extremely impressive. I love the fact that it is American engineered and American made, plus it actually smells nice. We strongly recommend the formula! 

Bryan – Taylorsville, Utah

Copper/LEAD DESTROYER review - Ballistic XLR / Colin Burns /

The motivation here was to test Modern Spartan Systems line of gun cleaning kit against established known quantities with proven performance. Their promise of no foul smell, lack of toxicity and some of the other claims they made caused me to get curious enough to do a Pepsi challenge for their whole cleaning system.

I have already put the Carbon Destroyer up to the Pepsi challenge and it flat works. It is pleasant enough to use and worked like a charm on everything from revolvers to pistols to high power modern rifles to black powder cartridge rifles. The way it worked on our set of Trapdoor Springfield’s was terrific. What about the big one though…COPPER!?! Let us git’er done.

C/L-D not as strong as Sweet’s by a mile nor is it as strong as Wipe-Out as a copper remover but it’s a lot more pleasant to use than Sweet’s and less messy than Wipe-Out. This is about removing copper and copper fouling that is hard to remove without damaging the steel in the barrel.

The .223 barrel started with at least 200 rounds since the last even partial cleaning, so it got a thorough carbon removal with Carbon Destroyer. When patches wrapped around a bore brush came out without any black or brown on them, I called that done. I put a fired case in the breech, closed the bolt and then filled the bore with Copper/Lead Destroyer and let it soak for 2 hours. Then I pushed a pair of patches through which came out not much different than they went in. Now to see if the C/L-D worked I ran a patch of sweet’s down the bore, gave it a solid 3 minutes to soak and pushed another patch though looking for color change and got NONE AT ALL.

Leave the Copper/Lead Destroyer to soak a while and it works as thoroughly as Sweet’s or Wipe-Out. I really like using C/L-D way more than Sweet’s. I cannot even stand opening the bottle on that cat piss smelling Sweet’s.

On the upside, MSS’s stuff works like a dream so far. I can officially endorse the Copper and Lead Destroyer and the Carbon Destroyer because I have proven beyond any doubt that they work as advertised.

Accuracy Grease™Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The most AMAZING gun grease available

What it is

Accuracy Grease™ - is the most amazing firearm grease on the planet. 

This formula has the staying power to compliment Accuracy Oil™. 

It too has the power to reduce friction (90%) and almost eliminate wear, allowing you to “OPTIMIZE” the performance of your guns like nothing else!

What it does

If you do not have it, you might want to get the BEST Gun Grease on the Planet that must be experienced to truly appreciate. 

This is an advanced, penetrating nano molecular based friction reduction and metal conditioning technology that also happens to be GREEN.

Everyone that uses our grease on their firearms, and this includes machine guns and mini-guns, tells us the same thing, “This is the best grease they have ever used” and “it is in a completely different league from everything else.”

Accuracy Grease™ ADVANTAGES

  • Immediate smooth movement impact
  • Great at removing glitches and hang-ups in the action
  • Fewer malfunctions
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Very long lasting
  • Reduced costs – a little goes a long way
  • Excellent on machine guns and mini-guns
  • Microscopically restores surface metal imperfections
  • Proprietary technology - no ethers, graphite, Teflon, zinc, fluoropolymers, or moly’s
  • Safe GREEN - American made chemistry

Why you should have Accuracy Grease™

Accuracy Grease™, which is designed to complement Spartan Accuracy Oil, is preferred by some for use on specific areas such as slides, rails, bolt faces, sears, and cocking mechanisms.

When using it, you will notice marked improvements in smoothness and performance in all environmental conditions.

Our grease will dramatically drop friction by 85-90% and dramatically protect metal from wear like “armor on a Spartan soldier.”

We recommend using Carbon Destroyer to deep clean contaminants out of the microscopic gaps and pores in metal, then apply the Accuracy Grease onto the parts you want to protect.

The active molecules will penetrate into those gaps and pores and bond "into/onto" the metal making the surface harder, smoother, and tighter. 

Picture trillions of microscopic self-leveling super-magnets forming a low stick shield onto the metal. 

The benefits that we claim are not just marketing words; they are the end results of how our chemistry is affecting the physics of the metal.

Optimizing the function and performance of guns is simply reality. 

Whether during a hunt, at a competition or in the heat of battle, Accuracy Grease™ can make a critical world of difference to you - the shooter, and an even more critical difference to the target!

Available in ¼ oz and 4 oz jars


By Frank Vigil- Owner, Heritage Gun Works Inc.

My first experience with Modern Spartan Systems products was the night before a big shooting event (Shockwave in the Desert) in Peoria, Arizona where we were demoing some of our full auto firearms. Like the night before any shooting event, I was busy cleaning guns and packing range bags. A very good friend of mine asked if I had ever heard of Modern Spartan Systems before. He reached into his range bag and pulled out this little round container that looked like some sort of lip balm. I asked him what it was, and he told me it was this gun grease that he started using called Accuracy Grease™.

He asked for one of my pistols, so I handed him my Glock 42. He field-stripped it and proceeded to apply a small amount of this red grease to the frame rails, locking block and barrel. He reassembled the pistol, racked it a few times and handed it back to me. The second I began to rack it back I knew something was different. The pistol felt much smoother and easier to rack. The feel of the barrel unlocking became much more fluid. I could not believe how much different the pistol felt with a small application of the Accuracy Grease™.

Another friend of ours who was sharing a room with us was also extremely surprised how much smoother my 42 felt. He immediately stripped his S&W Shield and applied a small amount of grease to it. He reassembled the pistol and with no surprise, experienced the same results. Impressed with the initial results of the grease, we decided to perform an impromptu torture test.

I brought my Glock 19 with one of our full auto backplates to demo at the show. This pistol would fire more rounds than any of the firearms we brought, combined. I cleaned it and applied some accuracy grease to the rails, locking block, barrel, and trigger connector. I reassembled the pistol and packed it away for the next day.

The next day the pistol fired almost 2000 rounds of various brands of ammo without a single hiccup. We were letting participants shoot it for free as long as they supplied the ammo. The event saw a pretty big turnout and we allowed a ton of people to fire it. At every single event we had attended previous to Shockwave we had at least 1-2 malfunctions.

The pistol saw constant use and at times got very hot on what was already a fairly hot day. Everything had a thin coating of dust that was being kicked up by constant traffic and gun fire. The pistol ran through bursts and mag dumps and even ran with some low power handloads. There was not even a single stove pipe from someone limp wristing it and that happens pretty regularly (most people have never fired an automatic pistol before).

Needless to say, the Accuracy Grease™ performed flawlessly. The pistol has continued to run to this day (about 4 months) in both semi and automatic with the original application and has fired an additional 1000 rounds. I was so impressed by my initial exposure to Modern Spartan Systems products that I got in contact with Marcus Kahn to talk with him about the science behind the product. Marcus was kind enough to send me one of their complete Starter Kits Plus for some more testing and review, and that is where the next review begins.

Crystal Clear™Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The most AMAZING optics & glass CLEANER on the market

What it is

This is our hidden gem. If you are using SCOPES or BINOCULARS or are looking through eye-glasses or sunglasses, you GOTTA SEE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT. 

So, we are providing you with the most “Phenomenal” OPTICS CLEANER ON THE MARKET. It is powerful, but gentle and safe to use on everything from specialty lenses in your scopes, Smart Phones, fish-finders…, anything with glass or plastic screens that dirty up with fingerprints, dust and other contaminants. 

(This formula is also excellent for cleaning the exterior of firearms and fishing rods & reels, counter-tops…).

What it does

Our proprietary lens cleaner & protectant will effectively remove smudges, spots, and fingerprints without the use of harsh chemicals. 

As it cleans, the formula lays down a nano thin layer of polymers onto the surface for protection. 

Since the thin dense layer of particles are not of uniform shape and size, light waves that hit the particles, splinter, and refract away in scattered directions, resulting in slightly improved HD clarity. 

This property also gives it anti-static and anti-fog characteristics. 

Many people who have done side by side tests with other glass or lens cleaners will note that they can feel a difference – and really like what they see.

Crystal Clear™ ADVANTAGES

Phenomenal Optics Cleaner – “You GOTTA SEE WHAT YOU WANTA SHOOT”

  • Best optics cleaner available
  • Powerful, yet gentle
  • Multiple benefit properties

It is a powerful, yet gentle, micro thin NPL (Nano Polymer Layering) lens cleaning & protection technology.

  • Gentle, powerful, and effective cleaner
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will not build up or discolor surfaces
  • HD refractory properties
  • UV sunlight resistant
  • Excellent Anti-fogging capabilities
  • Anti-oxidation & anti-static protection
  • No ammonia or petrochemicals
  • Perfect for smart phones, sunglasses, cameras… all surfaces
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Why you should have Crystal Clear™

Shooters and fishermen may not think too much about cleaning the lenses they are looking through, but they should. 

This fantastic formula doesn’t give you the same type of clarity that Spartan generals got from the Oracle of Delphi before they went into battle, however it does help give you a clearer view of your target. 

Not all lens cleaners are alike, nor are they all safe for optics with specialty coatings. 

Our formula has a long and successful history of use on high value optics, including cameras, night vision goggles, aircraft cockpits, missile optic domes, laboratory microscopes and of course, eye and sunglasses. 

Although Crystal Clear is the most subtle of our unique products, it fits as a nice complement into our line, and is never short on getting compliments from users!

(Available in 2oz, 16oz, 1 gallon sizes)

You HAVE TO SEE what you want to shoot


This is a pretty funny story regarding Crystal Clear. We have three dogs. We have a backyard. We have a sliding glass door that looks into the backyard. We have squirrels sometimes run through the backyard. Our dogs see the squirrels, and in their frantic and useless attempt to get at the” laughing and taunting” squirrels, get their snotty dog noses all over the glass. When the squirrels go away and the dogs calm down, I need to clean away the dog-snot (not fun)!

For the fun of it, I tested Crystal Clear up against Windex and another top glass cleaner. Let me just say the Crystal Clear was the far and away top product. It quickly removed the dog-snot without smearing or taking forever spraying tons of product on the glass to clean up properly, like the others. It quickly removed the mess, making the glass “crystal clear” to look through, and setting the stage until the next time the squirrels run through the yard (often shortly after cleaning it).

I love and strongly recommend the formula and would additionally recommend getting the 16oz or gallon size because you may, like me, end up using it on more than your gun scopes and sunglasses.

Crystal Clear vs DOG SNOT - Jesse Smith - Salty Dog Tactical

"My name is Joshua Baker, and I am a first-class petty officer in the United States Navy. I have spent a majority of the last decade deployed overseas in support of the global war on terrorism as an operational member of the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams. Thank you for making amazing products. Your Carbon Destroyer, Spartan Accuracy Oil and Crystal Clear lens cleaner has not only surpassed any expectations, it's completely blown them away. …Aside from the before mentioned products your lens cleaner totally rocked my world. Having been to Afghanistan in the winter I can tell you firsthand that there's nothing more unnerving than having to stop while on patrol to clean the fog off your lenses. This completely eliminated it even after I put my glasses in the freezer, so from a deploying member of the greatest fighting force on the planet THANK YOU."

It WORKS GREAT in Afghanistan - Josh Bakers - former military, worked TacSol

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