Black Rambo Accuracy Oil
Black Rambo Accuracy Oil By Modern Spartan Systems

Black Rambo Accuracy Oil

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Black Rambo Accuracy Oil
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BLACK RAMBO Accuracy Oil™ Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The most AMAZING gun lube on the PLANET

What it is

BLACK RAMBO Accuracy Oil™ - is simply the best firearm lubricant on the planet.

The power of this product to reduce friction (90%), protect metal and create a low stick surface at such a high level, gives you the power to “OPTIMIZE” the performance of your guns like nothing else!

Watching the video below pretty much explains what you need to know!

What it does

BLACK RAMBO Accuracy Oil™ is the most powerful FRICTION REDUCTION technology ON THE PLANET.

This is a surface strengthening, anti-wear, friction reducing molecular based advanced metal “conditioning” technology that provides a low stick surface, and also happens to be GREEN.

BLACK RAMBO Carbon Destroyer™ is ROBIN and BLACK RAMBO Accuracy Oil™ is BATMAN! 

  • Optimize ACCURACY
  • Optimize RELIABILITY
  • Optimize your TIME
  • Safe to use


- Improves accuracy and tightens shot groups about 90% of the time

- Super smooth action

- Dramatically improve reliability - virtually eliminates friction related malfunctions

- Drops cleaning time by 50-75%

- Reduces gumming of sand and dirt

- Unaffected by temperature (Middle-East highs of 115°+ to Alaskan lows of -58°)

- GREEN - environmentally and people friendly

- No high VOC off gases – Great for confined spaces

- Superior corrosion protection – will remove corrosion

- Increased muzzle velocity & shooting consistency (tightens standard deviation and spread rate)

- Lowers barrel temperatures (10% to 40% - seen on machine gun suppression fire)

- Reduced maintenance costs (lower wear and tear on components)

- Diminishes surface metal imperfections and extends barrel life (15% to 500%)

- Non-flammable – non-corrosive

- No ethers, graphite, Teflon, zinc, fluoropolymers or molys

- American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Why you should have Accuracy Oil™

Friction is the number one enemy inhibiting optimal shooting performance of firearms.

What separates us from every other gun lubricant is “how” and “how much” we reduce friction.

The traditional battle against friction has been waged using surface oils, which create a slippery wedge between two metal objects.

At best, friction is minimally and temporarily reduced before high pressures and temperatures carbonize, remove, and nullify the lubricant.

Introducing Accuracy Oil; like King Leonidas using a brilliant unique strategy against the Persian armies at Thermopylae, MSS is using a brilliant unique technology to defeat friction.

After using Carbon Destroyer to deep clean contaminants out of the microscopic gaps and pores in metal, the active molecules in Accuracy Oil penetrate into those gaps and pores and bond "into/onto" the metal to change the surface structure. 

Picture trillions of microscopic self-leveling super-magnets forming a low stick shield onto ALL the metal parts of firearms. 

The surface becomes harder, smoother, and tighter and drops friction by about 85-90%. 

The benefits that we claim are not just marketing words, they are the end results of how our chemistry is affecting the physics of the metal.

Optimizing the function and performance of guns is simply reality.

Whether during a hunt, at a competition or in the heat of battle, BLACK RAMBO Accuracy Oil™ can make a critical world of difference to you - the shooter, and an even more critical difference to the target.


Do You Know Why We Are Part of a World Record Shot?

This is because the people involved with making the SHOT know BLACK RAMBO Accuracy Oil™ makes firearms more accurate!

The documented world record shot made by Charlie Melton on Saturday, September 30th with the help of Brad Stair using Brad's world class custom made 408 Tejas rifle with custom ammo (420 grain – velocity 3,065 ft/second) was over 5,000 yards. The rifle was measured at .25 MOA after being conditioned with Spartan Accuracy Oil™. The decrease in friction from the Spartan BLACK RAMBO Accuracy Oil™ allowed for a lower standard deviation between shots, less barrel wear and less heat buildup. These are surgical sniper rifles that need absolute minimal friction, no contaminants, and metal protection from heat and wear - all benefits that are uniquely provided by our advanced chemistry, and the primary reasons both Charlie and Brad use and endorse the products.

"Spartan Accuracy Oil lube is an amazing product. It will tighten your groups and extend the life of your barrel and firearm. I've been using it on my precision rifles, and it is amazing."

Charlie Melton (retired Seal Sniper/Instructor) - Charlie Mike Precision

“At first, I was skeptical of the major claims made by the company, but after learning about their technologies I wanted to try them. I am extremely glad I did. I use Accuracy Oil, Carbon Destroyer... on my firearms, in the manufacturing process, and their TVT engine formula in my custom-built high-performance vehicles. Accuracy, reliability, metal protection, fast clean-up... it is all 100% TRUE! “

Brad Stair – (custom rifle OEM) - Performance Guns

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